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Decor, fashion, furniture, jewelry, music, you name it and I've got an opinion about it. A stylish one, honed from family heritage and own point of view.

A young dealer in American Indian Jewelry and Art, Southwestern and Cowboy items, Mid-Century Decor, Fine Art and curated Collectibles from my Grandfather's former Native American shop that I've worked in since a child.

My taste is modern and urban, distilled through my rural roots in Colorado, it has the easy rustic feel of the West. Sounds like a paradox but the best things in life are in my book.

Turquoise, silver, gold, enamel, quarter-sawn oak, hand woven wools and clay are all materials that speak to me as they have surrounded me all my life.

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Hudson Mercantile

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Ruby + George Modern American West, adornment for self and home

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